Why Humans Can’t Walk in a Straight Line

May 22, 2017 0 By Ray Carter

Driving into work today, NPR was playing a segment regarding a scientific mystery; Why can’t humans walk straight? According to this study, humans will always start walking in circles if they can’t visually focus on a certain object; be it the moon, sun, a mountain, etc. Humans┬áhave something inside of them that causes them┬áto mysteriously walk in circles, many times ending back up where they started. Take a look:

Interesting huh?
While the host and his guest were commentating on the scientific aspects of this study, I started contemplating the possible correlation to man’s spiritual condition.

I thought about the ancient Israelites and their constant rise and fall. They cry out to God to save them from their oppression. God hears and rescues His people, giving them laws and commands to focus on so they don’t end up back where they were. The Israelites follow the commands for a time, then repeatedly lose focus and because of their inability to keep God and his commands in sight, they suffer the consequences which eventually lead back to crying out for God to save them once again.

Cycle of Sin

The Cycle of Sin in Judges

They are going in circles you could say.

This speaks volumes to the situation many of us find ourselves in today individually and nationally. When we lose sight of Christ and fix our focus elsewhere we can very easily get off course and start wandering in circles not really accomplishing what He has intended for us. The reasons we do this are many and it seems that none of us are immune walking off the path at sometime. We just need to remember what is written in Malachi 3:6 “I the Lord do not change”. It’s us that move away from God, not vice versa. Keeping Him in focus will prevent us from “walking in circles”.

Interested in the actual scientific study?